Ceri Saunders & Niall Meakin

Ceri Saunders


My work explores the life of a modern dairy farmer. In visiting and interviewing farms, I have been able to understand and communicate their concerns, triumphs and how they operate and run their farm; this could be a small farm milking just 90 cows to a large scale operative farm currently milking 520 cows. My exhibition piece describes the working day from the first milk at 5am, while an accompanying magazine provides further images from farms, conferences and those in the industry, to provide a depth of information to the viewer, who may not think beyond their pint of milk on the supermarket shelf.

twitter: @cerisaunderspj
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Niall Meakin

'The Homeless'

When I was a younger man, I was photographing in the centre of Manchester, when I found a group of young homeless people sitting around and talking to one another.
I had always wondered how people became homeless, it was a small fascination of mine, something that I had always wondered about when photographing people in the middle of streets.
For this project, I decided that I would photograph the homeless and try to understand why they had been alienated from society, and forced to live in streets and in the doorways of shops for shelter and some semblance of warmth.
That is the reason why I decided to talk to the homeless, ask them about their lives, how they came to be destitute, and to try and use my photographs as a tool of social change for the better.
I have tried to use my photography as a tool for social change, much like Lewis Hine and Humphrey Spender, so that people looking at my photographs will be forced to look at the way in which the homeless live, to make the do something about this, or at least try and give some more spare change where available, because above all else, we are all on this planet together in the long run, and we are definitely going to need one another.

email: niall.meakin@yahoo.com
telephone: 0785713080

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