George Heaton & Gracie Gannon

George Heaton

'Form Within Function'

Statement - Form within function is an exploration of contemporary modern architecture built within the last 2 years. These buildings focus around there own aspects towards sustainability, and so the buildings designs are based around this motive. A formalistic approach to these buildings shows them in a different light to there intentions of a functioning design. 


Gracie Gannon

'Portrait of a Community - Lymm'

A ‘Community’ is a unified body of individuals, a much used word yet little understood term.

With a population of around 11,000 residents, Lymm is situated in the heart of prosperous Cheshire. ‘We are as one, one big family’ a resident said whilst describing Lymm. Portrait of a community documents the social fabric of the village, photographing the rural events and the openhearted local residents.

When visiting the picturesque village of Lymm, set in the countryside, immediately you are confronted by immaculate community notice boards. I very quickly became overwhelmed by how active this community really is, with such an assortment of organisations to offer both local residents and the general public’
‘A real sense of pride is evident throughout the village, with the passion to drive new ideas to preserve the village atmosphere therefore, craved to investigate what made people fall in love with Lymm, circuming to that particular community’

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