Chris Bethell & Clare Stebbings

Chris Bethell

'City Stories: Manchester' 

Challenging truth within street photography, Bethell creates images that exaggerate the relationships between all of the elements within his images. By utilising conventions of cinematography his photographs resemble film stills that hint at a larger narrative - one that most likely did not exist in reality. In doing this he flirts with key ideas of realism and human constructs of facts.

twitter: @c_bethellphoto
telephone: 07769676147

Clare Stebbings

'Timor Mortis Conturbat Me'
(Fear of Death Disturbs Me)

My work aims to inform and educate the viewer about the Pet Crematorium industry, by reflecting what goes on within a local Crematorium through a Photography Essay.

I have always had a personal fascination with death. Even from a very young age I began to think about what happens to you when you die, and came up with the idea that people turn into clouds when they died and that on days when you cannot see the clouds, the people are sleeping; so to explore something in this area is natural to me.

Throughout this work, I have looked into the notion that: ‘Pets have become more equal to humans throughout the centuries, almost on par with another human being.’

Pets are the only type of animal, which can be put into three categories, which differentiates them from that of a wild animal. 
  1. They are not eaten
  2. Live in close proximity to humans
  3. Given a personal name 
Through my research it came to light that not many people were aware that the option to get their pets cremated was even an option, so through my work I hope to highlight this option and clear some of the notions that people have of it, up. 
telephone: 07989176089

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